It was supposed to be about the pictures

It seems like we have slacked a bit on posting the last couple of weeks, BUT were back for 2009 with our most hopeful article to date. Whether you are a Nu-Skool rider straight off of Myspace picking up your first bike or a seasoned veteran looking to stay up with the times, look no further!

First off we have to start with the MOST IMPORTANT part of being a BMX rider in 2009, IMAGE. I cannot stress enough how important image is in BMX and 2009 will be no different.

The first image is going to give you an idea of exactly what to buy next time your shopping for those razor sharp up to date riding threads.

As you can see, not too much has changed since you bought your 2008 wardrobe.

(1) Beanies, I really cant tell you just how important these hats are going to be in 2009. They started in 2008 but they will be essential in 2009.

(2) Any kind of T-shirt will do but obviously the same rules apply for sizing, borrow this from any anorexic family members. A child sized T-shirt is the perfect choice.

REMEMBER: 2009 is about coordination so try and match your shirt to your trainers and iPod.

(3) Jeans are still borrowed from your closest female family member. Best to borrow these from someone much thinner than yourself if at all possible

(4) Trainers, Make and model is not really a concern but COLOURS PEOPLE, lets think no less than 3 or 4 neon colours per foot. They do not have to match but man, they better be bright!

(5) The BMX staple key chain, the carabiner. No self respecting BMX rider is gonna be seen dead without one. Purple is the colour of choice but Black is acceptable if the shop has sold out.

(6) The iPod. Obviously you are going to want the smallest model Apple make as getting it in and out of those pockets is gonna be hard enough anyway.

(7) The foot high ledge. Never be without one. Its that simple.

So now the important part is dealt with we need to deal with the less important aspect of BMX riding, the bike. As you can see below, not much has changed since 2008, but lets take a quick look anyway.

So all looks pretty similar to 2008s bikes, with a few exceptions. The top tube is slightly higher for 2009 so your gonna want to cut that seat post down again. Chains havent made a return for 2009, the cheap mans free coaster is still going strong. Youll also observe that handle bars have straightened up a bit. Reminiscent of the old school vert riders bar placement they make you whips even more awesome. New to 2009 is the spoke less wheel, wheels for 2009 are going to be laced with strong fishing wire. It saves at least 12 grams per wheel that plagues every BMX rider.

So there it is, your look into BMX for 2009. Hopefully this has given you an insight into what you are going to be spending all your hard earned money on in 2009.

Now get out there and ride that ledge!